e-Manifest Project meeting

Submitted by Deniss Bickovs on Tue, 06/07/2016 - 21:22

In the 7th of June will organise the European Commission, member states and steikholders meeting in Brussel. The initiatives were taken to try to "establish a true Single Market for maritime transport by no longer subjecting EU goods transported between EU seaports to administrative and customs formalities that apply to goods arrival from overseas ports". The development of a harmonised eManifest was one of the initiatives which were considered most relevant for the simplification of procedures. 

For this purpose and as a next step towards a European maritime single window, the Commission is lanching an eManifest pilot project in consultation with Member States and the shipping industry. The scope of this pilot project is to develop a harmonised eManifest which will encompass a number of cargo related formalities required by different authorities. The project also assess whether the exchange of information via SafeSeaNet can minimise reporting obligations for ships trading between EU ports and how ship and cargo tracking can be carried out. 

One of the objectives of the improvements is to demonstrate how the eManifest can be reported along with other reporting formalities covered by directive 2010/65/EU in a harmonised manner via a Single Window, submitted to the relevant authorities and exchanged among Member States. 

European Commission has invited interested stakeholders (shipping industry) to involve in the pilot project in order to execute the efficient testing the practicality and user friendliness of the submission of the eManifest.