Who we are

International Transport Development Association

International Transport Development Association (ITDA) is a Professional association with an aim to bring together stakeholders from the transport, maritime, ports and logistics domains, their professionals in order to foster transport, maritime, port and logistics domain sustainable development in accordance with the European and international initiatives, represent the interests of its members and to facilitate the exchange of experiences.


ITDA participates in the European Union co-financed projects, takes into account European Commission, International Maritime Organization and international transport initiatives, as well as supports implementation of innovative technologies supporting sustainable development of transport, maritime, ports and logistics domain.

ITDA aims to reduce, eliminate transport, maritime, ports and logistics domain negative impact on the environment, human and animal health, including climate change, noise, odor, waste, radiation, chemical and other types of pollution.

ITDA promotes natural resources (water, air, soil, minerals, forests, waters and other biological resources) conservation and sustainable use as well as supports sustainable spatial development planning.

ITDA aims to preserve and protect biodiversity at all levels (genetic, species and ecosystem diversity) and other natural assets, including special areas of protection (nature reserves, national parks, biosphere reserves, natural parks, nature reserves, natural monuments, protected landscape areas, protected marine areas).

ITDA operates to cultivate and develop public environmental awareness and ethics, including implementing environmental education programs (including education for sustainable development, environmental science) and encourage public participation in environmental and nature protection.

ITDA aims to support transport, maritime, ports and logistics safety and security.

ITDA operates to implement the programs and projects to promote social and economic development between the countries, as well as inform and educate the local community about global problems and their solutions.

ITDA provides research and analysis of social science and public policy, as well as studies in physics, science, engineering and technology.