Toni Maričević


Personal  information

Surname / First name: Toni Maričević

Telephone(s): +385 16169307


Nationality Croatia

Date of birth: 1981


Work  experience

 Dates01 July 2010 –  present

Occupation or  position held: Senior Officer

Main activities and  responsibilities:

  • Maritime Safety  (SAR, LRIT, SafeSeaNet, Maritime SW);
  • Maritime Law;
  • Maritime Ports;
  • SafeSeaNet, LRIT  and MSW NCA.

Name and address of employer

Ministry of  Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, Prisavlje 14, Zagreb, Croatia

Type of business or sector

Maritime Safety  Directorate

Education  and training:

Dates: 2003. – 2007.

Title of qualification  awarded: M.Sc. in  maritime transport - Maritime Management

Principal  subjects/Occupational skills covered:

  • Strategic  management;
  • Maritime market;
  • Business in shipping;
  • Financing in shipping etc.

Name and type of organisation  providing education and training

Faculty  of Maritime Studies, Split

Dates: 2000. – 2003.

Title of qualification  awarded: B.Sc. in  maritime transport - Navigation

Principal  subjects/Occupational skills covered:

  • Navigation;
  • Meteorology;
  • Cargo;
  • Maritime law;
  • Navigational devices etc.
Toni Maričević

„Senior Project Officer of the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure dealing with maritime safety, ship reporting facilitation and search and rescue at sea. Administrator of the national Maritime Single Window, SafeSeaNet and LRIT systems. Regularly participating in national and EU projects, meetings and expert groups.“

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