Green Bunkering with LNG


New regulatory framework is limiting use of conventional fossil bunker fuels because of their air polluting impact in the defined ecologically sensitive areas. The new limits for all trading areas   are coming and new restricted areas will be set.

The book GREEN BUNKERING WITH LNG is briefly describing practical bunkering alternatives and options to comply with the new regulations and is focusing on the Natural gas as one of the most perspective bunkering options. LNG practical bunkering issues were discussed and technical and economic aspects of supply and consumption are analyzed. Based on the  research results  the  optimal size of the challenging  LNG  bunkering vessel  for  Baltic area is considered.

The book is an essential introduction in alternative bunkering world and on use of LNG as bunkering fuel. The book may serve as practical guide for ship owners and managers and superintendents to make right decisions regarding new building specifications and upgrading plans for their fleet as well be useful for bankers or ship financiers, brokers and maritime profile students and academic staff.

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Oskars Skeija

 I have graduated Latvian Maritime Academy and obtained Master’s degree in Maritime Transport. I was support the sustainable implementation of EU Directive 2010/65/EU (ships reporting formalities) in EU Member States and foster administrative facilitation. Possess expertise in shipping safety and security and environmental matters. Author of the book "Green bunkering with Liquefied Natural Gas", author of several publications regarding use of alternative fuels for shipping.

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