Cooperation with Ukrainian and Klaipeda port visits

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In the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Youth Organization of the Sea Ports of Ukraine and the International Transport Development Association, last week, young specialists from the Odessa port branch of the state enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority”,

Volokhov Vitaly (head of the environmental safety department of the Odessa Sea Port Administration) and Shaposhnikova Nadezhda (engineer of the environmental safety department of the Odessa Sea Port Authority) visited Port of Klaipeda.

The delegation got acquainted with the latest trends in the field of port management, the introduction of modern technologies to prevent oil spills in the port area and localize spill response plans. Within the event, a tour around the port water area was organized.

Ojars Gerke

MSc. Ojars Gerke is an environmental consultant, project manager and environmental expert with 17 years of national and international experience in the following fields:

- Oil and chemical spill response at sea;

- Environmental impact assessment of maritime activities;

- Environmental management systems of shipping companies;

- Development and construction of port activities;

- Dredging operations of sea ports;

- Coast guard service and maritime assistance service.

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